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Website Photography Content Guide

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A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Every time we have to think, we burn calories. Photographs take far fewer calories to process than text, so our brains are naturally drawn to them first.

That’s why visual communication is so powerful, and the photos on your website so important in shaping a prospect’s first impression about your business.

You want a message that someone doesn’t have to burn calories to process. If your photos don’t instantly connect, prospects won’t stick around wasting energy to read the fine print.

Photos That Instantly Connect

When choosing photos, remember that your website is about connecting with your customer by telling their story, not yours. All photos on your website should be crafted with your ideal customer in mind.

Lead with photos that tell a story of what life will look like once a customer purchases your product/service. Will they be healthier? Show healthy people being active. Will they get more free time? Show happy friends or family spending quality time together.

When someone smiles at us we tend to smile back. This phenomenon is called “Emotional Contagion”, where one person’s emotions trigger the same emotions in us. That smiling, satisfied customer you feature will make your website visitors smile as well.

Connect On A Deeper Level

Prospects land on your website looking to solve an “External” problem. Your photos should resolve this “External” problem, but what really motivates them to buy is an “Internal” problem.

External problem: They need a bouquet of flowers for a loved one.
Internal problem: They want to impress their loved one.

External problem: They are planning a family vacation.
Internal problem: They want to create lifelong family memories.

External problem: Their plumbing has stopped working.
Internal problem: They don’t want to get ripped off.

If you can showcase through photographs or illustrations how you relieve their internal tension by solving the surface problem, more customers will buy your products/services.

Wrapping Up

Want help? As a Turnkey client you get access to our stock photography website add-on service.

The photos we choose are conversion-focused and follow the principles laid out above. Photos added to your site are approved by you, so you can trust every image will reflect your brand and message.