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Home Page Copywriting Guide

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As a Turnkey Website Solutions client, once you complete every step of the “Discovery” phase in your project portal our team has the building blocks needed to get started on your Home Page.

From the information you provide us, we write a first draft of your Home Page using tried-and-true copywriting techniques used by thousands of successful online businesses. From there we work with you to refine the Home Page so it matches your needs and those of your customers.

Your Home Page is the most important page on your website. If your Home Page clearly gets across who you are, what you do, and how you can solve your customers’ problems, your website is poised for success.

Before your Turnkey website launches we ask for feedback on every page. To provide us with more informed feedback, let’s cover the different sections that make up your Home Page:

The Header

The header section is the first thing visitors see when they visit your website. Here’s how we typically lay it out:

  • An image or video in the background that communicates the transformation you offer. Our brains process images about 60,000 times faster than text, so a visual that represents how a customer will feel after working with you is an immediate and effective way to get in step with them.
  • A clear and simple message that spells out exactly what you offer sits at the top in big bold letters. This is your headline (like on the front page of a newspaper). It should explain what you offer in about 2 seconds.
  • If beneficial, we add a subheading or bullet points underneath the headline to give the header a more attractive offer.
  • Below the headlines we often place a direct call-to-action button. This gives visitors an immediate action to take once they land on your website. We may also put this call-to-action in the top right corner of your website on every page, so a next-step action is clear.

The Value Proposition

Customers need to know what they get when they buy your product or hire your service. They’re asking, “What’s in this for me? Will I save time or money? Will I reduce risk or frustration?”

In the value proposition section of your Home Page, we work with you to nail down the major aspects of value you provide. On the web, we tend to scan rather than read word-for-word, so our designers typically frame these value points as a bullet list or icons with short descriptions beneath them. That way, people will understand your value proposition quickly and easily.

The Plan

When you ask prospective customers to make a purchase, you’re also asking them to make a commitment. And like any commitment, it comes with risk. In order to ease your customer’s concerns, you need to provide them with a plan.

A good plan will do one or both of these things:

  • It will clarify how somebody can do business with you.
  • It will remove the sense of risk they have if they’re considering investing in your product or service.

Once you fill out our “Discovery” phase questionnaires, we’ll have enough information to outline a plan for you. We’ll then work with you to complete this plan with easy-to-follow steps for customers to take to buy your product, or how to use your product after they buy it.

To ensure your plan is easy to understand, we employ illustrations, numbers, and bullets to simplify the buyers journey.

Authority (Testimonials and Logos)

If possible, include 2 or 3 customer testimonials on your Home Page to greatly enhance your authority and show visitors that what you offer really works. Use testimonials that speak to the major objections prospective customers face. For example, if price is a factor, make sure you feature a testimonial that says what a great investment the service was, or how much more money someone’s made as a result of doing business with you.

If you don’t have any specific testimonials you’d like to feature yet receive reviews on Facebook, Google or Instagram, we can embed a widget on your website that showcases positive reviews from these popular social platforms.

Logos of notable businesses you work with or press outlets you’ve been featured in are another great way to showcase your credibility. Logos don’t take up much room on your Home Page, and allow your visitors to check off the “do these people know what they’re doing?” question in their brain.

The Explanation

Writing a longer explanation about why people should do business with you is a great addition to your Home Page, especially for your more interested prospects. This may also act as the core message for your About Page.

This section can be 400 words, but remember to orient it toward the needs and pain-points of your prospective customers.


If the prices for what you offer are fixed, provide the cost of each offering followed by bullet points of what the customer gets at each price-point. At Turnkey, we see a lot of success when clients show 3 options for pricing, even if you have to spell out volume discounts to create 3 offerings. By adding a more expensive 3rd option, your middle option will appear more affordable.

You should also consider a section that explains the cost of not doing business with you. Will customers experience greater hassles? Will they lose social standing? Will they lose money? This makes the buying decision about more than simply a dollar amount.

Wrapping Up

Hooray! You’re now well on your way to providing excellent feedback as we build the first draft of your Home Page.

As you write additional copy to fill in gaps based on this guide, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. We offer you content coaching along the way to website launch as a gesture of appreciation for being a Turnkey client!