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How Are Domains & Email Managed?

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At minimum, a website requires the following managed services: web hosting, domain hosting, and email hosting. It’s best practice to keep your web hosting separate from your domain and email hosting for higher reliability and greater flexibility.

As such, when you purchase a Turnkey website you’ll need to provide your own domain and email separate from our service. We host your website, not your domain and email.

Your Domain

A domain is the URL (web address) your customers type or click to get to your website. All of your website traffic flows through your domain, so a top-rated domain hosting service is strongly recommended to get the best performance from your Turnkey website.

Out of the top-rated domain hosting companies, we recommend Namecheap domain hosting for its affordability, intuitive interface, robust privacy and security features, and great customer service.

Once you possess a custom domain name, follow the steps in your project portal to connect it to your Turnkey website. Our concierge domain connection service makes this a breeze.

Your Email Address

When someone fills out the contact form on your Turnkey website, we send that form entry to your email address. It’s your choice whether to use a branded email address linked to your domain (ie. info@mycompany.com), or a free email service like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

If you’re a business owner, we strongly recommend using a branded email address as it looks more professional. You can get a professional email address using your domain name from a variety of providers.

At Turnkey Website Solutions we use Namecheap email hosting, and recommend it to our clients for its security features and ease-of-use. Hosting your domain and email with the same provider (ie. Namecheap) offers the benefits of easier account management and possible bundle discounts.