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Moving An Existing Site To Turnkey

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Modernize your website and take it to a new level of success by migrating to the Turnkey platform. We offer a powerful set of website features and optional add-ons at very affordable rates.

Additionally, we fully manage your Turnkey website so you can focus on your business rather than complicated online software.

When moving an existing site to Turnkey, let’s cover your options.

Data Exporting – Full-Service vs. Self-Service

Full-Service: The process to migrate your website content to Turnkey may be as simple as providing us with your current platform’s Administrator login credentials. From there, our design team would manually transfer your data from the old platform to ours.

Self-Service: If your website has a large amount of complex data, contains sensitive information, or for other reasons, you can follow the data export instructions for the old platform and share the exported data with us in your Website Success Dashboard.

When To Cancel Your Old Site

We recommend keeping your old website online until your new website is ready. This ensures your customers have a live site to visit during the transition.

While developing your new Turnkey website we’ll keep it private from the public. Once your new site has launched to the public, you can cancel your old site.

How Switching Affects SEO

Switching website platforms can cause your site’s search ranking to dip, at least at first. This is true no matter what platform you choose, Turnkey or otherwise.

However, we employ SEO best practices to reduce this effect on search results and potentially increase your search performance in the long run.

Let’s Talk

Moving your website from one platform to another is a big decision. Unsure if a Turnkey website is right for your business? Let’s talk about it during your Free Discovery Call.