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Moving An Existing Site To Turnkey

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You can take advantage of the power of our digital business solutions by migrating your existing website to the Turnkey platform. If you already have a website or are using a different platform for your business, it’s important to make sure that your existing content makes it to Turnkey.

During this process, you’ll pick a template, work with a Turnkey web expert to migrate your content to the chosen design, and point your domain to the new website.

Data Exporting – Full-Service vs. Self-Service

Full-Service: The steps that you need to take to migrate your site to Turnkey may be as simple as providing us with the relevant admin login details. From there, our design team would manually transfer the data from your existing platform to ours. Depending on how your website is set up, this may be the best option.

Self-Service: If your website has a large amount of data in multiple sets, contains sensitive information you wish not to be viewed by us, or for other reasons, you can follow the data export instructions for that platform and share the exported data with us in your project portal.

When To Cancel Your Old Site

We recommend keeping your old site online with its current host until your new site is complete. This ensures your visitors have a live site to visit, and you can refer to your old content while we complete the transition. When we’re ready to make the switch, you can close your old site.

While developing your new Turnkey site we’ll keep it private from the public. After your new site is complete, we’ll connect your domain to transition visitors over. You can then cancel service with your previous provider.

How Switching Affects SEO

Switching content management systems can cause your site’s search ranking to dip, at least at first. This is true no matter what platform you choose, Turnkey or otherwise.

However, we employ SEO best practices to reduce this effect on search results and potentially increase your search performance in the long run.

More Answers

Everyone has unique needs for their website, and that’s why Turnkey’s custom design services are perfect for most small business owners who need affordable solutions without the fuss of DIY.

Is Turnkey right for you? Find out by reviewing our top reasons for choosing Turnkey. If you have further questions about migrating your site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.