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About Page Copywriting Guide

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Do you know what the 2nd most popular page on your website is? The About Page. People found a piece of your content, now they want to learn more about you… But not really.

Here’s something that’s going to really surprise you. Nobody wants to hear about you in the About Us section of your website. It seems counter-intuitive since the page is literally called “About Us”, but the reality is your prospective customers aren’t interested in your story. They want to learn more about how you fit into their story and what you can do for them.

Don’t tell them about how “My grandfather started the company and we’ve been in business for 100 years”. None of that has anything to do with your customer. Tell them that you fell in love with what you do many years ago because you believe everyone deserves the outcome your product or service provides. Tell them that seeing the satisfied smiles of your customers after you solve their problem is what drives you and gets you up in the morning.

When you make the About Page about your customer, it makes them want to do business with you. Why? Because they’re all hurting, and they’re looking for help.

Even the bios of your team members should be customer-centric. It’s fine to tell them where you went to school, but tell them you went to that school because you love solving this problem for customers.

Take some customer-centric spice and infuse your About Page copywriting with it. Position your company as customer-centric and customers will fall in love with you.