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Services Page Copywriting Guide

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If you sell services on your Turnkey website, this guide will help you write copy that communicates clearly what you do and the unique value you offer. At the end of this exercise you should have a solid Services Page message that gets results.

Believe In Your Services

There are few things harder than writing effective sales copy about yourself. Often our deepest insecurities come out to challenge every statement we want to publish. As a consequence, many service pages fail to engage because the copywriter (usually the business owner) has trouble believing they’re the best choice for their customers.

To convince your customers to buy, you first have to convince yourself. Your passion and confidence must shine through at every touchpoint in your customer’s journey, otherwise they’ll bounce to the competition.


A touchpoint is anytime someone comes in contact with your brand before, during, or after they purchase something from you.

The number of touchpoints needed to make a sale varies widely depending on the business. For example, it’s going to take fewer touchpoints to convince someone to buy a new muffler than it would to convince them to buy a new car.

How many touchpoints does it take to win a sale for your business? The key is to have a considered buying process. First, define what a touchpoint is for you and determine the following factors:

  • Price Point – Services under $500 are usually more easily converted.
  • Competition – “I should do due diligence before I buy.”
  • Urgency – “I need you now because I have an urgent need!”
  • Frequency of Opportunity – “I don’t have to decide now, the offer will come around again.”

If you haven’t already, start tracking the touchpoints it takes to close a deal in your organization. In this way, you’ll be better equipped to map out the buying process and your Services Page sales copy will more accurately correspond with the touchpoint your customer is at when they land on the page.

Introduce Yourself

It’s important to understand that your Services Page is likely the 2nd or 3rd touchpoint a potential customer has with your brand.

Often prospects come to your website via social media or a Google search, land on your homepage and quickly jump to your Services Page. They want to find out more, but don’t necessarily have a good idea what you do.

In this light, give potential customers a top-level view of what you do and the unique value you offer (ie. your elevator pitch) just below the page headline. This opens the door to establish context through which they’ll interpret the rest of the page.

Aim for 100-150 words and focus on the overall benefits of doing business with you rather than the benefits of individual services. You’ll have time to delve into individual services further down the page.

Be clear about who your ideal customer is. Prospects want to know if you’re right for them and if they’re right for you. You can achieve this by highlighting how you specialize in solving the #1 pain-point of your ideal customer.

To finish off, include a sentence or two demonstrating what qualifies you to provide these services. Reinforce your qualifications with something specific like an award, certification, or number of years experience and why that benefits the customer.

Individual Services

Once you complete your elevator pitch, it’s time to write about your individual services. How much space you need to devote to each service depends on the nature of your business. As a general rule, the more expensive the service, the more information you should provide.

Here are some tips that universally apply to all individual service listings:

  • Stick to the details that are relevant at this touchpoint stage. Don’t flood visitors with more information than they need at this stage of the sales process; you can always include a link to a page with further details. We offer additional web pages if you need them.
  • Be specific about the benefits of your service. Depending on your industry, this may include “Quantitative” benefits like increased ROI, reduced costs, or time savings. For others, the benefits may be “Qualitative” like better health, peace of mind, or more time with the family.
  • Avoid industry jargon. Unless your potential customers are highly technical, don’t use insider terminology to explain the benefits of your service. They’ll end up confused and bounce to a competitor’s website that uses clear, easy-to-understand language.
  • Know the needs of your ideal customer. If you don’t know your ideal customer, you can’t anticipate their needs, preferences, and pain-points. It will also make it more difficult to price your service appropriately.

Service Pricing

Depending on the types of services you’re listing on the page, you may or may not be able to publish a set list of prices. However, when it comes to pricing clarity is important.

Even if you don’t publish your prices, you can provide a lot of clarity about the expected cost of your service by associating it with the typical cost of something your customer understands.

Here’s an example: “For less than the cost of a single full-time employee, our accounting staff will expertly manage your books and find you savings you didn’t know were possible”.

Social Proof

When visiting your Services Page, people are thinking about making a buying decision. They’re in evaluation mode. This is the perfect time to present them with evidence of your past performance through testimonials and case studies.

People are more likely to buy when they see that other people with common goals have had a positive experience working with you. Testimonials are excellent, but also consider adding a couple of clear case studies.

Ensure that each testimonial or case study ends with a call to action. Once you’ve convinced them you’re the right partner, make it easy for them to hire you.

If you don’t have any specific testimonials or case studies you’d like to feature yet receive reviews on Facebook, Google or Instagram, we can embed a widget on your Services Page that showcases positive reviews from these popular social platforms.