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Can I Upgrade My Website Later?

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As your business grows and your needs expand, you can upgrade your Turnkey website to get more pages and more features.

As a dynamic asset to your business, your website can grow as your business grows. We offer flexible and affordable website plans that get in step with your needs. Over time we add new features to our existing plans to ensure your Turnkey website is always up-to-date.

Need more power than what’s available in our website plans? We offer exclusive website add-ons that further extend your Turnkey website and meet the needs of your growing business.

Your Digital Brochure

The most common size for a small business website is 5 pages, consisting of a Home Page, About Page, Services Page, Portfolio Page, and Contact Page. We recommend this approach for those who rarely make changes to their website content. They want their website to act as a digital brochure and the experience to be as simple as turning a page.

Sometimes Less Is More

It’s a commonly held belief that more pages on your website equals greater success generating leads and sales. In reality that’s not always the case. While a brochure website of 5-20 pages may appear impressive and professional, it’s important to consider the end goal of your website.

Are you aiming for prospects to fill out a free consultation form? Are you leading customers to a product checkout page? In a lot of cases, a one-page website is ideal.

One-page websites are tailor-made for fast and easy conversions, communicating all of the vital info required to make a sale or qualify a prospect. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

We’ve observed 60% of the traffic to our clients’ websites visit with their mobile phones. These visitors often stay on the Home Page and scroll to the bottom. Those with a contact form on the Home Page consistently see a double-digit increase in leads over those that rely on a Contact Page.

User habits are changing, and as we all grow more accustomed to the speed of social media, consider paring down your message to just the essentials so website visitors can find what they want without having to dig.

What’s Right For Your Business?

Is a one-page website or 5 page digital brochure website right for your business? Let’s talk about it during your Free Discovery Call.