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Get Extra Power Under The Hood With Optional Website Add-Ons Designed To Save You More Time And Accelerate Your Success.

Add Advanced Features To Help You Grow

We pack a lot of features into our low-cost website package, but for those who need it we offer additional website add-ons.

Whether you’re just starting your online journey or building upon your existing Turnkey website, these optional website add-ons are exclusive to Turnkey clients. We’ve designed a powerful set of key website add-ons to meet the needs of a growing online business. Each add-on is uniquely tailored for your needs by our expert staff.

We offer done-for-you deals from additional web pages, custom graphics, high-quality photos and attention-grabbing videos through content updates that keep your website current and marketing app integrations to help automate the sales process.

With Turnkey Website Solutions you can rely on us to deliver quality services at consistent, easy-to-understand prices.

Simply reach out to us via the contact form below and tell us what you need.

Done-For-You Add-On Services:

Additional Web Pages

Every Turnkey website comes bundled with one page and a robust set of features for a low one-time fee. Need more than one page to communicate your offer to your customers?

With this add-on get additional pages for your website to showcase products, services, portfolio items and more.

Each new page is uniquely crafted for your needs, and may include functionality beyond what is currently found in your chosen template. For example, add a webinar registration page with a live countdown timer to educate prospects about your services.

Add new pages as you grow, and add as many pages as you want. Simply provide us with the page content and we’ll do the rest.

Exclusive Client Price: $99/Page

Stock Photography

Photos add instant recognition and credibility that makes for memorable stories. When you can visualize your message you bring your story to life.

Our team of photographic experts know the importance of what an image conveys and how it empowers your communication.

With this add-on we’ll insert relevant and professional stock photos into your web copy to help visualize concepts and improve results.

Photos added to your site are approved by you, so you can trust every image will reflect your brand and message.

Exclusive Client Price: $19/Photo

Marketing Videos

Video has a much higher engagement rate on your website and is shared more often on social media networks compared to text and photo content. That’s because these days you only have a second to grab someone’s attention.

With this add-on you can tap into video’s rich marketing potential and present eye-catching visuals that connects with your audience and gets them to take the next step.

Our professionally-produced marketing videos are designed to be used on your website, social media like Instagram and Facebook, email marketing campaigns and even in-store displays.

Exclusive Client Price: $149/Video

Logo Design

A Turnkey designer can help you strengthen your communications, marketing and brand through carefully-crafted graphic design.

Your logo is a focal point for your brand and should convey quality, trust, professionalism and be instantly recognizable. A professionally-designed logo is a powerful way to communicate who you are, what you do and why it’s important.

With this add-on get a logo uniquely crafted for your business by our expert designers that’s visible on every page of your website.

Your new logo will provide strong coordinated brand identity throughout your marketing.

Exclusive Client Price: $349/Logo

Business Cards

Despite the shift to online, in-person networking still plays an important role in building strong and lasting customer relationships. This is especially the case for local businesses.

Your business card supports both brand and marketing objectives by making the next step easy. Your card communicates who you are, what you do, and more importantly how to reach you through your website, email address and phone number.

With this add-on get a sleek business card design, professionally printed on heavy paper stock with a glossy finish. Your card will perfectly reflect your brand’s identity, just like your Turnkey website.

Exclusive Client Price: $99/500 Cards

Website Updates

We understand that the content on your website may need to change from time to time. Keeping your content up-to-date not only keeps your messaging relevant but also has search engine benefits.

Whether it’s adding new content to existing pages or updating outdated information we’ve got your back.

Turnkey Website Solutions offers done-for-you website updates when you need them. A done-for-you website update includes any changes to your page copy, photos, business hours, contact information, or promotional pop-ups.

With this add-on simply provide us with the content you want added or changed and we’ll do the rest.

Exclusive Client Price: $29/Update

Market Intelligence Reports

With the shift online it’s more important than ever to monitor the health of your brand and how it’s perceived through public forums. A disgruntled customer can widely generate a negative impression about your brand to prospects.

Additionally there’s a lot of opportunity to acquire new customers by engaging with prospects on social networks at the time they’re searching for what you offer.

Take advantage of strategic, time-sensitive sales opportunities and gain peace-of-mind your brand has a good reputation.

With this add-on receive timely email alerts about new customer prospects found on social networks and whenever there’s a relevant mention of your company online. No setup fee, no DIY required, cancel anytime.

Exclusive Client Price: $49/Month

Marketing App Integrations

Unless you’re partial to spreadsheets, it’s likely part of your business now operates in the cloud. Whether it’s accounting, invoicing, customer management or email marketing software, these online service platforms are hard to ignore.

If you utilize a popular cloud service, we can connect it your your website. Trigger contact form entries to automatically generate prospects in your client management software, or let your website build you an email list for mass marketing opportunities.

With this add-on gain access to connecting your website to as many popular digital business tools as you need including Mailchimp, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Zapier and more.

When you’re ready to add marketing integrations to your website, we’ll setup the connections and integrate them for you. No setup fee, no DIY required, cancel anytime.

Exclusive Client Price: $9/Month

Google Business Profile

Today, 4 out of 5 customers use search engines like Google to find local products, services, and information. Using Google for your business is the most direct way to get in front of nearby customers while they search for the solution you offer.

With this add-on you can harness the power of Google with a tailored Google Business Profile, optimized for local results. We’ll setup your profile from scratch or tweak your existing profile using best SEO (search engine optimization) practices.

You’ll also get SEO tips on how to rank higher than your local competition, as well as training on how to manage your Google Business Profile listing, to ensure you’re always presented in the best light.

Exclusive Client Price: $249/Profile

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