About Turnkey’s Mission

Turnkey Is Disrupting The Traditional Web Development Paradigm By Providing The Peace Of Mind You Deserve At Rates You Can Afford.

Making It Easy, Powerful And Affordable

We know it’s a struggle running a small business. We work with clients everyday who tell us their challenges. From logistics to staffing to developing a strong online brand, there’s not enough time in the day to do it all yourself.

Until now most small businesses had two avenues to get online. Either commission a traditional web agency with offerings geared towards larger enterprises or join a do-it-yourself subscription service. Many businesses end up falling through the cracks, as they don’t have large marketing budgets to cover a fully custom solution, nor have the time to spend weeks parked in front of a computer learning complicated web design software and marketing techniques.

At Turnkey Website Solutions we come to work everyday because we want to solve the biggest problem in small business marketing — how to transform small business budgets into big business results. We work diligently to bridge this gap and are passionate about empowering our growth-focused clients with the right ingredients for online success.

Meeting The Needs Of Our Clients

As an entrepreneur wanting to grow the online portion of your business, you want the best tools and expertise available to reach your true potential. Unless you’re a large enterprise, the problem has always been how to access these benefits within the constraints of a small marketing budget.

Traditional web agencies offer custom design services, personalized customer care and flexible features to help you grow. They also charge you on a sliding scale between $2,500 and $25,000 for the initial build, plus $50-$250 per month in website maintenance fees.

Most businesses kick a lot of tires at web agencies, filling out lengthy inquiry forms only to get “sticker shock” at the final quote. A search for options within their budget leads to complex do-it-yourself software, which chews up valuable time learning to use and often produces sub-par results.

At Turnkey we’ve discovered most businesses are best served with a hybrid approach. They need consistent and upfront pricing that’s affordable like do-it-yourself platforms, plus the flexibility, power, and premium care traditional web agencies provide.

The Best Of Both Worlds

We’ve developed a powerful and affordable framework that gets in step with your needs. By combining the best features of both traditional web agency and do-it-yourself worlds, our clients are finding the right balance of value.

We use beautiful templates refined over time as a starting point for your website. While we provide full customization support on every build, choosing a template as a starting point allows us to launch your website in 14 business days or less.

You’ll develop and refine your website content in record time with our project portal that walks you step-by-step through the process, and our expert staff will guide you if you’re having trouble getting inspired.

We save you the cripplingly high-cost of extensive custom design and coding, plus the ongoing costs of secure web hosting and maintenance by providing a one stop, one price “done-for-you” website starting from $999.

As your online presence grows our powerful add-on services extend your marketing reach and supercharge your website. These low-cost, high-value add-ons save you the time and hassle of finding multiple digital marketing providers. Time better spent building and managing your business.

Our Experience

From website developers through graphic designers and digital marketers, Turnkey Website Solutions has acquired top talent to serve our clients.

Our expert staff have worked with hundreds of clients across the globe spanning 17 countries and 4 continents. We’ve worked with both large and small companies and know the challenges many businesses face to scale their online success.

We’ve also developed an extended network of professionals who work with us to ensure we’re always able to support our clients quickly and efficiently regardless the volume.

Through our in-house experts, network of professionals and use of revolutionary technologies, we’re able to build you a sophisticated website quickly at a price you can afford.

At Turnkey we optimize your digital marketing for results so you can keep focused on managing and growing your business. That’s our mission.

Reach out to us anytime if you have further questions or get started today by setting up a free 15 Minute Discovery Call with one of our web experts.

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